Nollywood actress, Zainab Bakare, has taken to social media to cry out after she recently became a victim of fraudsters and all the money in her bank account reportedly vanished without trace.

The thespian, in a series of Instagram posts calling out the bank involved, said she was shocked to realise her bank account had been wiped clean by suspected fraudsters on Friday, June 3.

According to her, she contacted the bank but was told that the POS system used to commit the crime was untraceable.

“The whole money in mu account is gone o, where do you guys want me to start from o. No solution they said in the bank, I should go arrest people me, how pls how?

“@gtbank you want me to go bankrupt Abi Ori yin toh buru bi egun toh le weyrey yen 😡😡😡 This is really breaking me how do you except me to let go of million????

“As much as I hate social media drama There are just somethings one can over look, when people start dragging me online to ask for their money, people who claim to love you will be in one corner laughing but before then @gtbank @gtbank please I have visited the bank and they said my money is not traceable, I should wait for 10-30 working days please how am I sure there would be a solution afterwards???” She wrote on Instagram.


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