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People believe many weight loss myths when it comes to their overall health. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between weight loss myths, facts, and lies. Some are true, while others seem absurd.  While a rigorous workout is great, you need to remember that everyone is different in terms of their fitness level and the intensity they are capable of sustaining.  You will notice that your body is tired and you start sweating after you have walked half a mile. For someone who is physically fit, it’s possible to walk half a mile without sweating. Everybody has their own definition of intense.

You might find it too intense to exercise for more than an hour per day. But if you have a busy schedule and only have 20 minutes each day, those 20 minutes will be a great deal. Although it might not be considered intense, these little cardio moments can have positive effects on your health.

This is one of most popular myths about weight loss. If your diet consists of donuts, chips, and Twinkies, it is absurd to believe that your health and weight will be in balance. You can lose it by exercising but people who eat a lot of junk food probably aren’t disciplined enough to follow a training program. Some people look good from the outside but have high cholesterol.

Numerous studies have shown that people who skip breakfast or eat less during the day are more likely to gain weight than those who eat healthy, nutritious breakfasts and then eat small meals throughout the day. This could be due to the fact that people who skip breakfast and eat less later in the day tend to be more hungry, and may overeat at other meals.

It is possible to eat too much during the day, and not eat at night, and still gain weight. You can eat whatever you want during the day, but still gain weight at night. Balance is the key. Overeating, even if you don’t exercise, can cause weight gain. As I do with all meals throughout the day, when I feel hungry at night I choose something natural. Some fruits, vegetables or even a smoothie.


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