A video which is currently going viral on social media has trailed a lot of reactions from social media users, in the video which is currently trending on social media, it shows the moment as a young man carried his bride on a bike during their wedding day.

The video which was posted by a TikTok user identifide as @Mujunimedardmujuni shows how the groom proudly mounted his bike alongside his wife and her chief bridesmaid.

From the look of things, it appears that the Couples were still on their way to their wedding reception because other bike riders were also getting ready to join them. But from the video, it is yet to be confirmed if the man is an Okada rider or if he just decided to carry his wife on a bike on their big day.

As the video got Online, social media users were impressed by the humility of the bride for agreeing to be carried on a bike on her wedding day. And some users also praise the man for being wise instead of showing off unnecessarily.

See social media users’ reaction to the video

@cissy Akky reacted: “That’s what we call true love in capital letters.”

@kansi44 said: “No one really can provide a car for transport. Happy marriage.”

@CJEMO reacted: “Enjoyment as long as you alive.”

@Gretchen Rayfai62 said: “Done, it’s really special.”

@user8867290433852 said: “Woow long live and have a happy marriage.”

@donnashuemate commented: “Wow! l love you both. You all are wonderful. Keep it up. I’m happy for you all. Please stay together.”

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