See Heartbreaking Moment as Prophet Odumeje Indaboski Fights Government Workers As His church IS Demolition (video)

Why Was Odumeje Idaboski's Church Demolished? Prophet Chukwuemeka  Ohanaemere Arrest Info - Sound Health and Lasting Wealth

The church of Controversial clergyman, Chukwuemeka Ohanaeme popularly known as Odumeje Indanosky has been razed by the government.

According to reports, the church was demolished by the Soludo-led government of Anambra state for constituting obstruction.


Heartbreaking moment as Prophet Odumeje Indaboski fights government workers over church demolition (video)


The building had been earmarked for demolition months before for falling short of Anambra building plan.

The clergyman who couldn’t stand seeing his church demolished had tried to intervene but was restricted by security personnel.

He can be seen in the viral video being harassed by the security personnel on site.

Watch the video below:


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