Some Billionaires in Nigeria Have Married younger wives. These women are extremely beautiful and successful as well.

Most of themare ex-beauty queens who have been outstanding in their fields.

The Age difference between them is WOW! But They all are happily married.

See Below, the List of Rich Nigerian Billionaires and Their Young Wives in No Particular Order:

Meet the Nigerian Billionaires & their young endowed wives:

1. Adams & Iara Oshiomole


Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomole tied the knot with his Young Cape Verde Model wife in May 2015 at Etsako West LocalGovernment Council Marriage Registry in Auchi area of Edo State.

Though a lot of online comments and bashing came for the Governor and his wife, while many criticized their marriage, online trolls published funny memes about the couple marriage.

The comments seems not to get to them, as the couple have been spotted couple of times together at events, gatherings, seminar etc.

Governor Oshiomole is 63 while his wife, Iara is 29



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