Reality star Ebitenye Juliet Responds to Those Trolling Her for Being Single and Plus Size (video)

Reality star Ebitenye Juliet responds to those trolling her for being single and plus-sized (video)

Ultimate Love reality star, Ebitenye Juliet has reacted after she was pressured by trolls to lose weight and get married.


The 28-year-old plus-sized model said people keep pressuring her to get married and lose weight but she will not give in to them.


She said her weight is a gift from God and as for marriage, she will only go into it at the right time.


She slammed the trolls for trying to force her to go into depression. She told them that they will be the ones depressed instead.


She added that she will continue to wear fitted clothes that show off her body and she will not hide her rolls or stretch marks to make anyone feel better about themselves.


Watch her speak in the video below.



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