Nigerian Man !mpregnates His daughter, says ‘She Is Too Beautiful for another man to enjoy” (Video)

A 48-year-old farmer, Theddius Audu, has impregnated his 15-year-old daughter Justina in Wuyeya, Nasarawa State, according to reports reaching our desk.

According to the report, Audu took up the sole responsibility of his daughter’s upbringing after his marriage to Talatu Ayi, ended 13 years ago.

The decision eventually resulted in a pregnancy, as Justina is 4 months gone already.

The man said he always felt pain of someone “toasting” his beautiful daughter and enjoying, after he went through difficulties to raise her.

From the report, the father who has invested too much time and money on his daughter can’t stand the chance of seeing another man taking away his sweat-precious daughter, so he decided to commit incest by eating her first before any other man can even have a chance.

On the line he got her pregnant, and they are about to raise a child together as she is already four months pregnant, so any form of abortion could lead to her death.

This is not the first time it has happened, and we begin to wonder how is it possible to have s*xual feelings for your own blood talk more of getting her pregnant? It means he must have been having carnal knowledge of her from a tender age.

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