A Nigerian man is currently in shock after he discovered that his wife of 9 years has been exchanging s3x texts with another married man The obviously shaken man, then decided to take screenshots of the alleged sex chat and shared on Facebook. According to the sex texts the woman was having with the alleged man-friend, she belittled her husband and could be seen telling the other man what she saw in him to have, not only married him, but stayed with him for good nine years.

In one of the sex texts, the woman was asking the man if he wanted to see her puss*y, but he said it would distract him at work, but she could forward it anyway. She now told him she would need to make an excuse to go into the bathroom, which obviously indicates that he even sex-chatted with the man while the husband was around. The marriage, which is already blessed with two kids, seems to be on the brings of collapse as the husband is rather confused on what to do to salvage the crumbling marriage. Saddened by this, he then took to Facebook to share, asking readers what his fate will be with his wife of 9 years… He wrote,

I am weeping inside of me, it’s a big burden to me. I came across this on my wife’s phone, I did the screen shots, transferred and deleted. She is not the worst person on earth, I just never expected this after 9 years. She do delete her messages with him after chatting, I coincidentally saw this. I have always suspected something fishy but anytime I ask her to give me her phoene to make a call, she first deletes their chats. Your friends should advise me here please. With these,what chances do I have living with her ? Her chat with a Facebook married man. There is another one she was telling that she love him,but she came in and I had to drop her phone. I weep

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