Natural Skin Care Treatments

We have become more dependent on medications for conditions such as high blood pressure, tension headaches and depression. Your medication may have side effects that make it necessary to treat dry skin. You should always monitor your skin for any signs of irritation after you start any new medication. You may need to see your doctor if you have dry skin that hasn’t improved since you started your medication.

Poor nutrition is often the cause of skin problems. For the body to function properly, it needs a delicate balance in nutrients. Vegans and vegetarians are more likely to experience dry skin problems due to a lack of animal fats. An insufficient intake of vitamin B12 can cause problems with your oil glands (sebaceous) and lead to acne. A close examination of your diet is essential in order to treat any skin problem (oily, dry, or itchy). Dermatologists are best equipped to assess the potential skin problems caused by diet and suggest corrective steps to restore skin health.

Water is the answer. Water is a natural detoxifier, so the more water you drink the better. Water is particularly good for those with acne issues and will help to reduce wrinkles. You are likely familiar with the sebaceous glands if you’ve ever visited a dermatologist for acne issues. Sebaceous glands are oil-secreting glands that protect the skin from drying out. When these glands get clogged up with dirt, bacteria can grow inside, resulting in a pimple. Sebaceous glands can become clogged, causing dry skin. Or they can produce too many oil, resulting in oily skin. Problems with the sebaceous cells are often due to poor nutrition and can be easily corrected.

You can have serious skin problems even if you have diabetes. Diabetes can make it difficult to regulate blood sugar levels. The body must absorb excess sugar if it has too much. The body requires more water to do this and can cause dry skin. Although diet is an important part of any skin-care regimen, it’s a fact that as we age our bodies require more support. A moisturizer will eventually be necessary. It is HIGHLY recommended to use natural moisturizers.

Natural ingredients in moisturizers are less likely to have the same irritating side effects as those with synthetic ones. Although synthetic ingredients can be more affordable for moisturizers, they are less effective because the body is less sensitive to them. Natural ingredients have fewer side effects, so they are better for skin moisturizers.

The most common reason for all skin care treatments in America is wrinkles. The skin becomes less elastic as we age. The result is that fine lines develop on the skin, which eventually leads to the ugly wrinkles we loathe. Two main skin care strategies are available for wrinkles. The first is to treat the muscles that show wrinkles, and the second is to fill the skin with skin so wrinkles are less obvious. Botox injections are the first, while Collagen injections are the second.

Botox is a skin treatment that injects Botulism into the face. Botox actually stops nerve impulses from reaching the muscles that show wrinkles. Although it may sound extreme, these injections can actually reduce wrinkles in the face for a considerable time. These injections are expensive and must be repeated, but they can generally be effective.

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