It Is Now Clear That When The Wicked Rule The People Perish. I Shouted This In 2015. You Blindly Went And Brought In This Wicked Government- Bishop Oyedepo (Video)

Clergyman and senior pastor of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has said that it is now clear that when the wicked rule the people perish.

While speaking in his church recently, Oyedepo said he shouted this in 2015 but that Nigerians blindly went and brought in ”this wicked government”

Oyedepo said this while reacting to the recent attack on the St Francis Catholic church in Owo, Ondo state.

”Those vagabonds were out to kill people in a church in Ondo State, I can tell you this for free f they escape, God has not sent me. Their generation will smell, The people who sent them will smell, they shall be forgotten. They shall become a byword and a proverb. Their generations will rot.

The devil is scared but we are going to beat him hands down, flood him out of this nation. We are caretakers, imagine how the owner feels. Imagine how God feels, you think God is asleep. Oh God, to whom vengeance belongs, arise and mess them up, root them out, destroy their roots.

I curse their roots, it rots today. Their generation rots today

Everybody living is created by God. In Church and out of Church. The church is the beloved of God, you can’t mess with the beloved and go free. We are the apple of God’s eyes. There will be sharp reactions from heaven.

I am telling you as a prophet. It is going to happen within days. They should hear me now, they have always heard me before.

All the gang up of hell against the well being of this nation comes under a curse today. Everyone behind the insecurity in this nation, everyone behind the bandits, whether they are Boko Haram or Boko hell cursed be to them.

Zion is the place for the rise of giants in the body of Christ so they want to weaken people from being gathered. Any man standing in the way of God’s agenda is like a fool standing in the way of a 16 wheeler trailer. You will be crushed and the trailer won’t feel anything.

Now lift your two hands and pray in the spirit against these evil men and women. Everybody behind the assault on the Church of Christ. The Lord God judges them today. The vengeance of God reaches out to them today.

It is very clear that when the wicked rule the people mourn. I shouted this in 2015. I am not a propagandist, I am not a public speaker, I am not an activist, I am a prophet. You blindly went and brought in this wicked government. Nigeria has never suffered evil like this in our history and they still want to rule? Never!”he said


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