Nigerian writer

Nigerian writer, Chinedu Ihekwoaba, has said he can’t date a lady who is not worth at least N1 million.

He took to Twitter on Monday, June 7, to make this statement while recounting when he was dumped by his girlfriend because he wasn’t up to her standard.

According to him, he is now financially stable and also won’t settle for less from a woman.


“The love of my life dumped me for a big bro in my street. The dude worked in a bank. He got the money. She tell me say I wasn’t man enough. She can’t wait. I agreed and moved on. Ladies have their spec. Today, I also can’t date a lady who is not worth at least 1M naira.

I have been rejected by many ladies when I was unemployed. The ones that tried to stay got tired at some point. My friends are getting married. When are we doing ours? When are you getting a job? They had to leave.

Now that I also get small change, I can’t settle for less.

I can’t carry your parents’ responsibilities. At least, I will pick someone that has a dream and vision. And also understands the situation of the country.
If a lady is worth 1M at least, she will know how to take care of herself.
And lastly, still grieving with the Ondo people.”


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