“He Is Very Rich On A Low” Reactions As Peruzzi Hails Mr Eazi For Sending Him A $1M Gift (See Photos)

Nigerians are surprised after learning that singer Mr Eazi has offered Peruzzi a million dollar contract.


Peruzzi stunned many when he took to the microblogging platform to thank Mr Eazi for sending him the massive contract as if it were nothing.

He tweeted, “Eazi sent me $1M contact like it was nothing. Lmao crazy ass”.

Taking to comment section, many hailed Mr Eazi for living a modest life despite his wealth.

Mr Eazi

ommafashionmall : Man’s rich on a low, I love that

moroccoco : Lamba

michael_viictor : This Mr Eazi get him own money low-key ooh

oyinsauzy : he’s a rich tech guy

oluwaloyeidris : Very rich tech guy and business mogul

kiidcam_ : Bye bye to dmw

viki_daan : Lol Otedola son in law he sees that amount everyday

preshydmw : Eazi wey get mad money on a low

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