Dangote’s Alleged ex-sidechick Shares Pregnancy Photos as The Expect Baby Together (Photos)

Aliko Dangote and Bea Lewis

According to Bea Lewis, she dated Dangote in her 33rd year and although he broke her heart into ”1000 pieces”, she learnt a lot from him and that knowledge has helped her become a better person in life.

The news went viral and there was outrage as some netizens lambasted the lady with the opinion that she should have kept her relationship with the billionaire a secret.

In the latest update, however, another lady who is claiming to be the current chick Dangote is dating took to her page to share a suggestive photo of Dangote and said Bea Lewis was just looking for cheap clout.

The lady wrote ;

You wanted to go viral so bad! He needed to hit you with an NDA!! @iambealewis. Wow, you been delusional this whole time. Seek help. I’m here to clean his name. What she did was disgusting and uncalled for. To give a paragraph with such descriptive detail is classless of you. Act like you’re use to things and most importantly value your self more babe. Never let money do clown shit @iambealewis like that.


Watch the video HERE.

Yesterday we reported A lady identified as Bea Lewis on Thursday revealed how much Aliko Dangote left her heart broken when they were allegedly dating.

Lewis who claimed she dated the Nigerian businessman when she was 33-yrs old revealed the richest black man broke her heart into 1000 pieces.

She shared pictures of herself with the billionaire on Instagram page @Iambealewis as she briefed her experience during their romantic relationship.

Aliko Dangote and Bea Lewis
Aliko Dangote and Bea Lewis

Lewis who emphasised more on the good things she benefited from their romance said

“I dated the richest black man in the world. He broke my heart in 1000 pieces. I learned more from him than any person I’ve ever met. Communicating with a billionaire daily makes you see the world differently,”

“I became more organized and finally am able to step away from the daily kitchen operations. I learned love without strings. Give your best without expectations. Nothing is forever.

“I realized a half a million-dollar restaurant project was a bad investment. I purchased two properties. I started a consistent fitness regime. Became vegan. Obtained a profitable stock portfolio.



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