American Woman Announces Search for a Nigerian Husband to Join Her in the US (Video)

American woman announces

A black-American woman has on her social media page announced that she’s looking for a Nigerian husband to join her in the US.

The woman who spoke in a video circulating online said she’s in search of a husband, specifically a Nigerian, to bring over to the US to spend the rest of their lives together.

According to her, she is well placed in the society, has a good job and owns a house in the U.S so she’s capable of sponsoring the man’s trip.

The young woman who pointed out that she’s heavily endowed in the back region, told interested Nigerian men to contact her.

The video has garnered massive reactions from Nigerian men who have expressed interest in being the lucky man to be chosen by the American woman.

Meanwhile, her identity is still unknown but her TikTok handle is @Rundayfrom.

Watch the trending video below,


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