After Suffering With Him, He Dumped Me…i’m Dying

Pregnancy and suicide: towards a coherent narrative - The Lancet Psychiatry

I never knew this is what heart break feels like, I’m shattered and broken.

I started dating him from 100 level till we graduated, it’s been five years now. We suffered and passed through a lot together, I made a lot of sacrifices for him and even had two painful abortions for him.

But he always complained that I got fat and he liked slim girls, he broke up with me in the most excruciating manner. I noticed changes a few months back but he kept lying to me not knowing he was seeing another girl.

The girl chatted me up few days back to know her stand and I told her everything, he even posted pictures he had with the girl, this is someone that hates pictures and hardly takes one with me regardless of how much I beg. He doesn’t even post his own pictures but he’s already posting the girls pictures.

The girl is his spec and more attractive than me… I’m just ashamed of myself. The girl decided to stick with him even after everything I told her so she could leave him including the abortion part.

I’ve wished him well but I’m in serious pain, I’ve been crying for days now and unable to eat. I gave him everything, he was my first ever guy. I wish he could come back, I’m ready to forgive him.

How can move on from this heart break, it’s killing me slowly.

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